Mario Kart 8 
Favorite Koopaling → Ludwig Von Koopa






white people can walk around with assault rifles in a fucking public store but the moment they see a poc’s skin they clutch their purses or lock their car doors

Because people head off to Target with AK47s around their necks right? Lol. This site never fails to amaze me.


okay but for real, I live in NC and the last time I was in a Walmart I literally saw three bubba’s with fucking assault rifles upset at a lady stacking ritz crackers.

I felt so sorry for the woman, I can’t even imagine how scary it must have been to be yelled at by some white dudes with assault rifles just casually slung over their shoulder. 


In fact, it is often legal to “openly carry around loaded weapons without any permits, training, or background checks,” because state laws towards gun control are often too weak. It is entirely up to a company whether or not to establish gun sense laws. Ironically, before this very informative petition, Target had no gun sense laws. I feel like this is something other people should know about, because it certainly opened by eyes.

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Pokeddexy Day 6: Favorite Fighting-type!

I always loved Medicham because it looked so cool and a little quirky and then it got a Mega Evolution and got 10x better


Twitterでよく見かけてた5色のカラーパレットで絵を描くのをやってみました。 面白かったので全部やってみたいなあ(全30種類



A Pokemon with eyes glowing in the darkness by request.


Favourite animated characters Mavis (Hotel Transylvania)


"I’m a traffic cop. It’s a job. Somebody’s got to do it. I don’t even represent myself when I’m working. If I was representing myself, I’d let everyone off with a warning. I represent a system. Did I design the system? No. I just enforce it. It’s not for me to decide the system. We elect the people who decide the system. When I write a ticket, everyone tells me a reason that they don’t deserve it. If I gave a warning to everyone with a reason, I wouldn’t give any tickets, and the system wouldn’t work. I don’t get any joy by giving a ticket. And I’m not upset if you beat it in court. It’s not personal. It’s my job."


ok why does this have so many notes have y’all seriously not seen this video of knuckles being knocked into a bathtub with the aquatic mine theme playing